Negotiation Consulting

Consulting, support and coaching for a complex negotiation.

So-called ‘extreme negotiations’ are highly complex and require intensive, professional preparations. The heart of this preparation is to conceive a specially-designed negotiation strategy to suit the specific challenge.

Is it a buying or selling situation? Do intercultural aspects have a role to play? Is the aim to build new contacts, or is it a difficult negotiation with a long-standing customer or supplier?

In addition to this, the decisive factor is the ‘how’: it is essential to use negotiating and profiling techniques, from the classic to the modern – the best-known of these are surely the ‘FBI Principle’ and the ‘Harvard Concept’.

Our services:

  • Profiling the existing negotiation parameters
  • Profiling the negotiation adversary, company and persons
  • Profiling and defining the objectives to be achieved
  • Building the optimal negotiating team
  • Developing and defining the specific negotiation strategy and course of action
  • Optional services: Support during the negotiation on a „Ghost Negotiation“ basis
  • Active negotiation support by specialists if required

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